Welcome to the world of nbn Enterprise Ethernet

A premium high-speed fibre internet service designed to meet the growing demands of Australian businesses. Experience the transformative power of a fibre network with lightning-fast symmetrical speeds, dedicated bandwidth, and unmatched reliability. With NBN EE, you can stay competitive and remain connected, unlocking your business’s true potential.


The nbn™ Network and Fibre Access Node

The Backbone of NBN Enterprise Ethernet

The NBN Network is a nation-wide infrastructure project aimed at providing high-speed internet services to Australian businesses. NBN EE utilises NBN Network's fibre access node to deliver unparalleled connectivity, ensuring your business stays online and connected.

Key Features of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet
Experience the Difference.


Unlimited Data

Consistent and reliable internet connection without worrying about data caps or restrictions.


Symmetrical Speeds

Experience lightning-fast symmetrical upload and download speeds that empower your business to manage data-intensive tasks with ease.


Dedicated Bandwidth

With an nbn enterprise ethernet service, you'll benefit from dedicated bandwidth, providing consistent and reliable connectivity even during peak times.


Static IP Address

Benefit from a static IP address, simplifying network management and enabling easier access to your business resources and applications.


99.95% Network Uptime

Enjoy unparalleled reliability with our 99.95% network uptime guarantee, ensuring that your business stays connected and operates smoothly with minimal disruptions.


Australian Support

Get great customer service from our Australian support team. They're always there to help with any problems or questions, so your business stays on track.

Choose your nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Plan

Competitive pricing with no additional fibre build costs.


$369 / month
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Static IP Included
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth - 100Mbps
  • Contract Term(Months) - 36


$539 / month
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Static IP Included
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth - 250Mbps
  • Contract Term(Months) - 36


$729 / month
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Static IP Included
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth - 500Mbps
  • Contract Term(Months) - 36


$999 / month
  • Unlimited Data Allowance
  • Static IP Included
  • Symmetrical Bandwidth - 1000Mbps
  • Contract Term(Months) - 36
Critical Information Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

NBN Enterprise Ethernet is a high-speed internet service that offers dedicated bandwidth to businesses. This means that you will have a consistent and reliable connection, even during peak times when other users may experience slowdowns. With a static IP address, managing your network becomes easier, and accessing your business resources and applications is a breeze.

One of the standout features of NBN Enterprise Ethernet is its impressive network uptime guarantee of 99.95%. This means that your business will experience minimal disruptions and stay connected at all times. We understand the importance of uninterrupted connectivity for your operations, and we strive to provide the highest level of reliability.

In summary, NBN Enterprise Ethernet is the ideal solution for businesses that require reliable and high-speed fibre connectivity. We offer dependable internet service with fast nbn speeds.

How does NBN Enterprise Ethernet differ from regular NBN connections?

NBN EE offers dependable enterprise internet for businesses with big files and high-performance needs like video conferencing. It offers equal upload and download speeds. Standard NBN connections may not be as consistent and reliable during busy periods. However, they are still suitable for homes and small businesses.

Is NBN Enterprise Ethernet available at my business location?

The availability of NBN EE depends on the infrastructure in your area. You can perform a site qualification check on our website or contact our support team to determine if your business location is eligible for the service.

How long does it take to activate NBN Enterprise Ethernet at my business location?

The activation of the service depends on various factors. These factors include the level of difficulty in installation, the type of fiber required, and the infrastructure in your location. Our team will provide an estimated timeframe during the onboarding and service qualification process.

What is the cost of NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

NBN EE pricing varies based on your business needs, speed tiers, contract term, and any extra services you need. Our sales team can provide a customised quote based on your specific broadband service needs.

Can I upgrade my current NBN connection to NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

Yes, you can upgrade your existing NBN connection to NBN EE. Our support team will guide you through the upgrade process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Are there any additional fees or charges associated with NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

There may be additional charges for fiber build costs depending on your business location. Our sales team can provide more information on any applicable charges during the service qualification stage.

What kind of support can I expect with NBN Enterprise Ethernet?

Our Australian support team is constantly prepared to help you with any problems or inquiries you might have. We are proud to offer excellent customer support and our team is dedicated to keeping your business connected. Whether you require technical help or advice, our specialists are just a phone call away.

How does the 99.95% network uptime guarantee work?

Our 99.95% network uptime guarantee ensures your business experiences minimal disruptions and maximum productivity. The SLA guarantees response times and ensures the highest level of service availability if it goes below this limit.

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